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We are CRE8 Advisors, a full service boutique real estate brokerage based in Arizona.  We all have long standing ties to Arizona and unique connections to each other that landed us here together as a team in 2023 to “create” CRE8!

Tempe Arizona Commercial Real Estate

Starting with our designated broker, Eddie Gonzalez, a third generation Phoenician that has lived within a 5 mile radius his entire life and knows Central Phoenix like the back of his hand. Eddie is incredibly focused on client relationships and understanding their needs and requirements fully and is able to provide a unique level of service. Eddie came into this business 7 years ago (2016) with a nudge from our leader Rommie Mojahed, who knows Eddie from their days valeting cars together at the Ritz Carlton in Phoenix.  He has a strong customer service background leading the front drive team at the Ritz Carlton Phoenix from 2002 until its closure in 2015 when he joined Rommie’s team.

Rommie (Partner) has been the leader of our team and has had incredible success in the industry over the last 20 years. Rommie prides himself on always having an open line of communication with his customers which has led to unparalleled customer service with both his clients and the rest of the brokerage community.

Andy Kroot (Partner) also comes with a long track record of more than 30 successful years in commercial real estate brokerage with a primary focus on tenant and landlord representation. In addition, he has developed single tenant properties for national retailers over the last 10 years. Andy is known throughout the Valley for his excellent relationships and large rolodex of connections which has provided him the opportunity to help many national brands expand here in Arizona. 

Lindsey Dulle started in the business more than 10 years ago in a primarily marketing and operations role but has transitioned in to more and more brokerage with Rommie over the last 2 years. She has been a big part of getting CRE8 off the ground and will continue to focus on brokerage and client relationships while still maintaining operations and marketing for CRE8!

Chad Shipley is our newest to commercial real estate but comes into the business with an honorable and successful 20 year career with the Phoenix Police Department.  Chad is a critical thinker, responsive, a problem solver and has had great success identifying properties for client needs.

We are excited to continue to CRE8 and add value to our clients for years to come. We are CRE8!

Experts In Commercial Real Estate

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